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About me

I’m Faye, the face behind Fable Florals. I moved to Louisville from Texas to pursue my Masters, during which I worked at a local florist. I’m still finishing up grad school but so much has changed. During 2020 I had friends ask me to help them with their wedding florals, and Fable Florals was born! It has been such an amazing ride and I have loved traveling all around Kentucky and Indiana to do weddings for my wonderful brides.

louisville wedding florist
louisville wedding florist


I remember planning my wedding and how stressful it could be, so a big part of my mission is to build peace and confidence in my brides. I work to be completely transparent with my process and seek to make the most beautiful bouquets without stress or worry. I also work to keep the costs down. Florals can get expensive, and my goal is to create something stunning for your day without maxing out your budget. For details on how I seek to accomplish this, check out my Pricing page.

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